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We are experts in the ATM industry: ATM Sales, service and processing !  If you are looking to buy an ATM machine or start an ATM business, we can help!  Here is a sample of the machines we offer.

Hyosung Halo II ATM Hyosung Halo II $2595, Free Shipping, no monthly fees, no contract!

Genmega 2500 ATM Genmega 2500 $2495, Free Shipping, no monthly fees, no contract required!

Genmega Onyx Genmega Onyx, $2650, Free Shipping, no monthly fees, no contract required!

Hyosung Force $2750 Free Shipping, no monthly fees, no contract required!

Genmega GT 3000 ATM Genmega GT 3000 $3750, Free Shipping,  no monthly fees, no contract required!

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We sell the best ATM machines in the business at the best prices and back our work up with great service.

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We have an extensive FAQ page along with our definitive guide to starting your own ATM Business here.

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Are you considering starting an ATM business?  We have the most complete guide to starting an ATM Business right here!

ConnectATM sells new and used ATMs at competitive prices. We sell ATMs from the four largest manufacturers of retail ATMs. Nautilus Hyosung is the largest producer of retail ATMs for the US market. Hyosung’s bestselling ATM Model is the Halo II. Once the largest retail ATM manufacturer, Triton is the now the second largest. Triton’s primary retail ATM model is the ARGO which is available in 7-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch screens. Genmega is the third largest builder of retail ATMs. Their bestselling model is the G2500. Hantle is the fourth largest maker of retail ATMs. Hantle’s bestselling model is the 1700W. The best ATM for you is a matter of opinion and your needs. Each ATM model has its strengths, weaknesses, and price point.

Fully functioning new ATMs start at little over $2000. New ATMs will generally come with a 2-year warranty.  All new ATMs will be compliant with all current standards such as EMV.  Some ATM companies will try to sell you a shell ATM for less than $2000 to get the sale. These ATMs require that you already own a dispenser that works in that ATM shell. All of our start at prices for our ATMs are for fully functioning ATMs with a removable cassette.  If you choose the fixed cassette option, the price of your machine will be less than the start at price. The cheapest ATM models are usually the bestselling models. These ATM models are reliable and work for most businesses. The more expensive ATM models provided include larger screens, heavier-duty safes, and deposit functionality. Typical options that increase the ATM price include ATM toppers, dispenser size, and the lock type.

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